where2fly paragliding

What is where2fly?

where2fly is the ideal companion for paragliders and hanggliders. This App contains detailed information about approx. 6000 launch sites and 3000 landings in more than 100 countries worldwide.

All places are visualized on an interactive map. You may search for specific places by various queries. For example: where can I fly paragliding above 2000 m when wind direction is coming from north?

Currently, you need an internet connection to display the map. All other information is stored locally in a database.

where2fly covers data coming from the data sources flyland.ch, DHV.de and paraglidingearth.com. You are able to update those data individually using the integrated update mechanism.

This app is for free and ad free. However, the author is happy about a gift which you can spend using an in-app purchase (Options - Support where2fly).

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