where2fly paragliding

Detail pages

The detail page is accessible for each place, which gives you all available information on it. Click either on the symbol on the map or choose a place from one of the lists, i.E. from the search lists.

Each detail page shows specific information for the type of place. It also gives you access to nearby places. For instance, you may easily find the landings for a launch site, sorted by distance and altitude difference.

The picture above shows you, that the ropeway station First is 379 m away and 34 m above the launch site Grindelwald First, with an altitude of 2171 m above sea level.


Launch sites

The detail page for launch sites depicts the location, suitability, start directions, and depending on the data source, various descriptions of the launch site.

The symbols for the suitability have the meaning shown in the table below, where a blue symbol means suitable, grey non suitable, and no symbol means no information available.

Paragliding   Hanggliding
Thermal flying   Soaring
Towing launch      


The geographical orientations listed at directions show all suitable start directions for the particular launch site.



where2fly includes all public transport stations of Switzerland, which are shown on the map, and can be queried for each place. You may access the timetable and search for information for a trip from and to a station. (currently Switzerland only)


Action menu

The action menu gives you additional options for a place. Position the place in the center of the map, take it into the list of Favorites, or send the place by email to another where2fly user, which can then directly open the place in his app.

Public transport stations can also be set as the "Take me home" address (currently, Switzerland, Germany and Austria only).