where2fly paragliding

The first tab shows an interactive map. You have the following user controls on it

Map view

The map view is the most important view in where2fly. Here you can visualize launch sites and landings on a map. For certain countries (currently Switzerland only), also the stations of public transport are shown on the map. The symbols have the following meaning

Launch site   Landing
Mountain railway   Wire ropeway
Railway   Bus
Boat   Parking


Note: The same symbols in grey are used to filter places using the Filter menu and to exclude places in the Search.

Depending on the map scale and filter, more or less places are visualized. Set the scale either in the Map options or spread two fingers on the display to change. The app is configured to never show too many places on a map view. You may change this in the filter menu at Options - Map - Filter.

Clicking on a symbol shows the name and type of symbol. You may then tab at the blue arrow to open the Details where you will find detailed information about the selected place and may access other places nearby.

List view

Switch from the map view to the list view to show all places on the map as an alphabetically sorted list. Places are grouped by category. You'll find the category name at the right side of the list.

Hint: Sometimes, symbols are very dense and difficult to select. Narrowing the map view to a small area and then switching to the list view makes it easier to identify the place you are looking for.

Map options

The option menu is faded in by clicking on the symbol at the top left of the map view

  • The first knob is positioning the map to your current location. You have to allow GPS location to do so. If you denied this question at the first start up, then go to the Settings app and activate location info for where2fly. Note that the GPS location sensor is switched off after a couple of seconds to preserve battery power.
  • Select one of the four map types for displaying either a standard, satellite, hybrid or relief map.
  • Select a predefined map scale with one of the buttons on the second row. This will not only change the scale, but also the type of symbols shown.

  Filter menu

Access the filter menu with the menu item at the top right of the map view. There you may change the type of places being displayed on the map.