where2fly paragliding

Access the search page over the second tab. This gives you various querying abilities.

All search pages have in common, to search

  1. by name (in the selected country, without any other restrictions)
  2. within a defined search area

Search area

The search area specifies a range of places to look for. You may restrict by

  1. the currently defined map area. This is ideal to search places by a specific region, possibly over country borders, or a region within a country.
  2. a country. Choose one of the over 100 countries where flight information is available.
  3. by a place and a radius around this place. The closest place of your current location is taken as a first choice. Change this place by any other place of the selected country.
This search area is taken into account for all searches. Use the refresh button to reset the selection.

The next sections show some additional search restrictions.

Search launch sites

Searching for launch sites give additional properties to restrict. All restrictions are combined with each other.


Restrict by the start directions for a launch site. By default, all eight directions are searched for. Tab one or more of the directions to exclude them. Exclusion is marked by gray letters and a red cross.
Example: to search for all launch sites suitable for start directions to north or north-east, tab all buttons except two N, NE.


Use the two sliders to define a range of meters, which filters the altitude of the take-off.


Restrict by difficulty of the launch site. (currently only for Switzerland with data delivered by Flyland.ch)

Going there

Limit places having public transport nearby and/or a walking time from the next station or parking of less than the minutes defined. (currently only for Switzerland with data coming from Flyland)

Search landings

Landings can also be restricted by location and difficulty. See Search launch sites for details.

Search public transport

The database in where2fly holds more than 25,000 stations of public transport in Switzerland. You may specifically search for those stations by additional restrictions, like type of public transport, or altitude of the station. (currently only for Switzerland)